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McCain's Religious Belief in Free Trade

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By Ben Cohen

If ever there were proof that McCain is simply an extension Bush Administration, one need only look at his pathetic pandering to corporate America on issues like NAFTA. From the brilliant Robert L. Brosage in the Huffington Post:

For years, the trade debate featured the mantra he repeats above.
Trade, by definition, benefited America. Sure, a few privileged union
workers might lose their cushy jobs and padded salaries, but they would
find new jobs in the expanding global economy. Americans would prosper
from investments abroad, our financial services industry would capture
the high end of the expanded world economy; we'd sustain our
manufacturing edge by becoming more productive; we'd benefit from lower
priced goods imported from abroad. The earth was flat, Tom Friedman
taught us, and we're all the better for it.

Except it hasn't quite worked out like that. Productivity went up,
but wages stagnated at best and insecurity increased. Corporations
clubbed workers with the threat of moving abroad, and cut back on
salaries, job security, and benefits like health care and pensions.
Families went ever deeper into debt as the cost of basics -- education,
health care, retirement security, and now food and gas -- soared. More
and more workers lost good jobs, only to be forced into those that paid
less with fewer benefits. And now with the global workforce effectively
doubled as China and India and the former Soviet Union joined the
global maw, it isn't just industrial workers at risk, but some 30
million jobs that could face off-shoring, according to sober free trade
advocates like Alan Blinder. Financial services did prosper, until
their greed and gambling blew up in the housing bubble. More....