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Pity The Millionaires

In this op-ed being promoted by Instapundit and others, the author sketches out the effect of Sen. Obama's plan to secure social security and allow the Bush tax cuts for the top 1% to expire will have on folks like Tiger Woods and the New York Yankees. I guess the effect is supposed to elicit sympathy or outrage, but that's the kind of out of touch thing we've come to expect from the right.

People (like me) may like Tiger Woods or the Yankees (not me) but we don't give a crap about their finances. We all know that these guys make way more than the rest of us could hope to make, and we know that there's little to no social value in a guy making 7 to 8 figures for hitting a ball. If they have to pay slightly more in taxes so that the social security system stays solvent for another decade or more? NOBODY CARES.

In the last couple decades when the sports leagues have gone on strike or had lockouts the fans have rarely sided with the athletes. In general, fandom is envious of their salaries and normal people think a work stoppage when you're being paid a $10 million signing bonus is pretty ridiculous. The conservative argument is that raising the social security caps and allowing the Bush tax cuts for the top 1% to expire will really piss off millionaires and billionaires.

But besides conservatives and Republicans, nobody in the real world cares if millionaires and billionaires are perturbed. We know they have their money to comfort them.