Worse than Guantanamo


By Ben Cohen

George Monbiot on America's secret global prison network:

We shouldn't be surprised to hear that George Bush dined with a
group of historians on Sunday night. The president has spent much of
his second term pleading with history. But however hard he lobbies the
gatekeepers of memory, he will surely be judged the worst president the
United States has ever had.

Even if historians were somehow to
forget the illegal war, the mangling of international law, the trashing
of the environment and social welfare, the banking crisis, and the
transfer of wealth from rich to poor, one image is stamped indelibly on
this presidency: the trussed automatons in orange jumpsuits. It
portrays a superpower prepared to dehumanise its prisoners, to wrap,
blind and deafen them, to reduce them to mannequins, in a place as
stark and industrial as a chicken-packing plant. Worse, the government
was proud of what it had done. It was parading its impunity. It wanted
us to know that nothing would stand in its way: its power was both
sovereign and unaccountable. Keep reading...