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Veepwatch Episode 1

Is there any reason Obama shouldn't pick Gen. Wes Clark? Older, white, southern, tons of military experience, media experience since 2004 as analyst for Fox/MSNBC, a Clintonista.

On my mock draft I have him going first.

Clinton: Brings her supporters and helps with women, but has baggage.

Edwards: Already said he doesn't want it, but he fits the mold if Sen. Obama chooses to follow President Clinton's idea of choosing someone like himself. Could, combined with black vote, deliver North Carolina - the only southern state that's a possibility besides Virginia.

Richardson: Tons of experience, but asking America to take the jump with two minorities may be too much.

Sebelius: Ok on paper, but that state of the union response was a snooze.

Napolitano: With McCain on the other side, the remote likelihood of taking Arizona is almost impossible.

Evan Bayh: Oh, I'm sorry, I just fell asleep.

Tim Kaine: A fresh face, but may be too young looking. Plus, with Warner on the ballot I think Obama already has Virginia insurance.

Wildcards: Sam Nunn (may be too old and unknown), Chuck Hagel (good on Iraq, suck on everything else), Russ Feingold (may be too liberal, but that keeps the base happy)

What do you think?