The Hannah Montana Program


So, as usual I'm up at 3 in the morning and channel surfing and I run across the Disney Channel and Hannah Montana is on. I've studiously tried to avoid this whole tween thing, because it's stupid and makes me feel old. But I say, hey let's see what all the kids are raving about*.

Boy, what a suckfest.

Just comparing it to kid tv it is bad. The entire show consists of Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana staring at the camera and saying stock phrases along the lines of "WOAH DAD YOU ARE SO UNCOOL!" and her father, played by her real dad Billy Ray Cyrus says "I AM A HICK WHO LOVES MULLETS". Cue canned laughter.

The bar for kid sitcoms is pretty low. And yet, somehow this show is bad. Considering the stuff I grew up on: You Can't Do That On Television, Pete & Pete or even more recent kidvid like Rugrats or Jimmy Neutron, the Hannah Montana show is really insulting to kids. It says, you are children and as such we'll offer you substandard entertainment. What the heck?

Now get off my lawn so I can watch Danny Phantom and Fairly Oddparents.**

*I watch all sorts of TV. I like wrestling, PBS, network sitcoms, kids tv, news, dramas of all sorts except Studio 60.

**(Shows I actually will watch. Fairly Oddparents has a fairy that's a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger, that is quality freaking television)