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Sorry Conservatives

A fewconservatives are stomping their feet in anger that I would say more than a few on the right would like to see churches like Trinity United firebombed.

I'm sorry, really.

I'm sorry that conservatives throughout American history have been the ones opposed to racial progress. I'm sorry conservatives once infected the Democratic party with their hate and then found a home in the Republican party to practice their rage.

I'm sorry conservatives beat those fighting for equal rights. I'm sorry conservatives firebombed churches, meeting places, and the like in order to fight the civil rights movement. I'm truly sorry more than a few conservatives believe in these things, and I'm truly sorry to have to point this out.

In all likelihood, I'm sorry that I'm going to have to keep pointing this out. Perhaps if you guys dealt with this issue on your side of the aisle, we could move on to other things. Sorry!