Secret Democrat Scott McClellan


Trent Duffy, former Deputy Press Secretary pitches a hissy fit about Scott McClellan in the Post:

All that aside, the revelations that you are "intrigued by Senator Obama's message" and that you don't know if you are a Republican anymore make me wonder if you ever had any convictions. If you were just drinking the Kool-Aid at the White House, have you now switched flavors with your newfound friends?

Now of course, I think the whole gang of them are liars. They're a bunch of snake oil salesmen with blood on their hands. I have zero sympathy for McClellan. But I think it's so funny now that Duffy wants to make McClellan - who was quite literally the face of the Bush administration - as now a Democrat.

Also, like the stupid Carville-Richardson cat fight from a few months ago, why does the Washington Post make itself the bathroom stall wall for the political set?