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Sarkozy provides balanced position on Israel and Palestine

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By Ben Cohen

The French President may be a comparative conservative in his country, but his view on the Israel/Palestine crisis is far more nuanced than the supposed left wing Brown in Britain, and Obama in America. From the Guardian:

The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy told Israel today to share
sovereignty over Jerusalem with the Palestinians and to stop building
settlements in the occupied territories.

In an address to the
Israeli parliament, or Knesset, Sarkozy also promised France's support
in helping to halt Iran's nuclear programme and he praised Israel's
democracy, comments for which he won applause.

However, he also
spoke strongly about what he expected of Israel as part of the peace
process with the Palestinians. "There cannot be peace without an
immediate and complete halt to settlement," he said. "There cannot be
peace without recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of two states and
the guarantee of free access to the holy places for all religions."