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MSM/Conservative Bull On Black Bloggers

Typically, Glenn Reynolds has been pushing this SF Chronicle story on black bloggers. Of course, the story doesn't pass the smell test.

That coverage gap is partly what inspired Gina McCauley to help organize the first Blogging While Brown conference this summer in Atlanta. The most popular online community conferences - like the Netroots Nation confab that grew out of the Daily Kos blog - tend to be predominantly white gatherings.

"The progressive blogosphere is segregated," said McCauley, whose What About Our Daughters blog was accepted to the DNC's blogger pool. Essence magazine named McCauley one of its 25 most influential people last year alongside Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and filmmaker Tyler Perry. "Black bloggers link to other black bloggers, and progressive white bloggers link to other white progressive bloggers," she said.

Most people don't know what color the person they're linking to is. Hell, they don't know if they're human or cylon. I've been at this blogging thing a long time - 8 years this December - and I've always been linked to from people, especially on the left. This story is MSM sensationalism not rooted in reality, so it's no wonder Instapundit gets all excited about it. It's another way he can dishonestly attack the left, without the stones to put his name to the attack.