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McCain's America?

Right now John McCain is doing a "town hall" meeting being broadcast by Fox News (The Official Network of McCain '08, Home Of The Terrorist Fist Bump) and it's a mighty amazing trick the McCain camp is pulling. Somehow they've gone to the most diverse city in America (New York City) and are seemingly unable to find minorities willing to attend.

UPDATE: McCain's campaign apparently lied to Fox and said the audience was open to all, but in fact it was packed with people handpicked by McCain's people and the GOP. Shades of Bush, yet again.

Gov. Dean on the fakery: "Once again John McCain's campaign is trying to mislead the American people. Senator McCain should understand that after seven years of a President who has divided Americans and pursued a scorched earth policy full of misleading propaganda campaigns, we need a leader who understands he is the President for all Americans not just his supporters. If Senator McCain likes to brag so much about running a transparent campaign, why is he copying the Bush campaign model by stacking this event with his prescreened supporters? If that is John McCain's idea of straight talk, the American people are in for a long and disappointing campaign season."

That's not change we can believe in, my friends.