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I'm Sorry, You Are Stupid

You know, it's one thing if someone gets an email forward and they believe it because it comes from a trusted authority like their friend. That is understandable. But when it crosses the line into stupidity is when you are given the evidence and are still foolish enough to stick with the misinformation.

A swing voter who entered this election leaning Democratic, Peterson faces a decision that is no longer so simple as a choice between Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain, he said. First, he must pick the version of Obama on which he will stake his vote.

Does he choose to trust a TV commercial in which Obama talks about his "love of country"? Or his neighbor of 40 years, Don LeMaster, a Navy veteran who heard from a friend in Toledo that Obama refuses to wear an American-flag pin?

Does he trust a local newspaper article that details Obama's Christian faith? Or his friend Leroy Pollard, a devoted family man so convinced Obama is a radical Muslim that he threatened to stop talking to his daughter when he heard she might vote for him?

"I'll admit that I probably don't follow all of the election news like maybe I should," Peterman said. "I haven't read his books or studied up more than a little bit. But it's hard to ignore what you hear when everybody you know is saying it. These are good people, smart people, so can they really all be wrong?"

One would have to believe based on this bewilderment that Mr. Peterson also believes the Moon landings were faked and that Martians are stealing his socks. This guy isn't living in a cave. He has the information in his hands, but because some guy said something he won't believe the words on the paper.