How Many Times Have We "Won" In Iraq?


By my count over the last 5 years, this is the third time in which we have "won" the Iraq war. Every time that has happened, con blogs have convinced themselves that this should be the time that Democrats concede that the righties were right about everything. Despite the fact that the right has been historically incorrect on everything regarding this war.

And then of course facts happen and it turns out that what we've known about Iraq since March of 2003 is the same: We should not have gone into Iraq. Good men and women have died unnecessarily in Iraq. The Bush administration lied us into Iraq. Invading and occupying Iraq has made America less safe and more hated.

in an ideal world, none of those things would be true. But we do in fact live in the real world and not a reality of our own choosing.

From a crass political point of view, Democrats have suffered on the issue of Iraq, but this is only when their position has been indistinguishable from the Republican position, or when the candidate allows his position to be thrown in to a bowl of mush.