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DC's Real Crisis

Apparently some kind of shakeup is coming to DC comics. Good, I think. Countdown was just a mess, and Final Crisis doesn't feel epic enough to me just yet even though its an issue in. The main problem is that DC is not feeling like the shared universe it should be. Ironically, in the last couple of months Superman is getting markedly better. It's getting back to its roots and the storylines are getting the right sort of heft required of the company's flagship character. Also: Gary Frank is the man. I'm so glad the whole Phantom Zone mess is over (I'm just sad that the abomination known as Christopher Kent will live to torment us at some future date). I've also started reading Green Lantern for the first time in decades, but JLA is just sort of treading water and I'm probably about an issue away from dropping Supergirl.

And no, I'm not going to read Marvel. I don't have anything against Marvel per se, it's just that I (obviously) grew up reading Superman and have a much stronger emotional connection to DC than I ever could with Marvel. That said, I've been reading the Astonishing X-Men trades and those are good, but that's probably - in part at least - because they don't seriously connect to the existing Marvel Universe. Unless it turns out that Jessica Alba is a Skrull, I could not care less about Secret Invasion.

What I have been reading are these awesome DC Showcase collections, with hundreds of pages of classic DC in black and white for $15-20 bucks. Nothing is better than hokey '50s dialogue in a thought balloon!