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Clinch Watch

Jeff Toobin reviews McCain's awful speech:

McCain's speech is a disaster, and its like the crowd isn't sure what to say when. This election will be about the past vs the future. This is the past:

McCain's speech now goes from suck to blow.

Also, it's kind of hilarious John McCain saying he's in New Orleans when the chyron clearly indicates he's in Kenner, LA.

Wow. John McCain's speech really sucks. Even if Obama has an off night (not likely) he's gonna kill.

Sen. Obama will be holding a town hall meeting Thursday in Bristol, VA, an Appalachian area in Washington county in VA that went 69-30 for Sen. Clinton.

Note to John McCain: If you have to give a speech claiming that you aren't Bush's third term... there's a good chance you stand in favor of a third Bush term.

Biggest upset in US political history?

8:24: Pennsylvania Superdelegate Brady for Obama[MAGIC #: 8]

7:59 : Oklahoma Democratic Party chairman and uncommitted superdelegate Ivan Holmes will endorse Barack Obama[MAGIC #: 9]

I think I will be buying the paper tomorrow.

I'm not lying. I got butterflies.

Sen. Obama leaves Chicago for Minnesota:

Wondering why my senator, Ben Cardin, hasn't declared yet. Sen. Mikulski went for Clinton eons ago.

6:47 : Maryland Superdelegate Bel Leong-Hong Endorses Barack Obama for President [MAGIC #: 10]

Before the primaries close, the number is down to 12.

AP projects Obama will win the nomination tonight.
ABC News projects Obama will win the nomination tonight.

Here. We. Go.