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An Obama Vice Presidency

So as Sen. Obama searches for his running mate, one of the things to consider is what role will the vice presidency play under Obama? Right now the vice president is a nutjob. Cheney has essentially been a co-presidency, and in some cases perhaps wielding more power than the president himself. This is a guy who tried to say that the vice presidency did not exist in any established branch of presidency. I think it's highly unlikely that Sen. Obama would have his vice president ascend to such lunacy. But he's also unlikely to turn the clock back to the point where the job is as it was during George H.W. Bush and Dan Quayle's tenure. The days of the vice presidency as the guy whose job it is to just vote on tiebreakers and go to funerals is probably in the past.

My guess is Obama's vice president is likely to be in the Al Gore mold. An advisor to the president with heft, given a few important projects to work on (like reforming government for Gore) but not established as a czar of insanity like Cheney.