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Advice For Conservatives

If you don't want your conservative friends to go to jail for crimes - any kind of crimes, including war crimes - don't engage in them or support politicians who do. Hyperventilating after the deed is done does you no good. Considering the criminal activity sanctioned by the White House over the last 7 years, I would think Obama would be negligent if one of his first activities as president wasn't to do a top to bottom review of what crimes were committed by the Bushies. Surely as they reveled in the creation of Karl Rove's "permanent majority" they never thought that an unfriendly administration would be on the way so soon. But the voters have a way of derailing the best laid plans.

What cons don't understand, but liberals, moderates, and others do is that when an election is over, the role of government is not to ensure your party wins more elections but to actually govern. By their standards work like the Truman Committee - which uncovered graft by contractors in wartime - would be "aiding the terrorists". Normal people see it as "running the country" in an appropriate manner.