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When We Left Earth

Did any of you catch this miniseries? So awesome, especially if you love space exploration as I do. And Gary Sinise had just the right voice for the narration. As soon as I get a Blu-Ray player I'm ordering this thing.

What especially struck me was just how cool the original astronauts were. Those guys are the original badass. It's 1960 something and the government says: We're going to put you in a tin can on top of a giant missile we aren't sure of and send you into outer space. And these guys say "Hell yeah." That's nerves of steel.

When I finished the last episode I was ready for a Mars mission. We have to go. Robots are nice and all and we get tons of information, but nothing beats human boots on the ground.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Buzz Lightyear in Spaaaaaaaaaace. For real.