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Obama flopping on Gay marriage?

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From Andrew Sullivan:

Stephen Miller and Virginia Postrel
note Obama's relative reticence on the California initiative against
marriage equality. Steve is wrong in as much as Obama has publicly
opposed it, if in a mealy-mouthed fashion. But Obama, like Clinton and
McCain, sadly opposes full gay equality. He's not a foe like Bush who
wanted to marginalize gay couples in the very constitution of the
country. And he does support federal civil unions (although I might as
well say I don't think he'll deliver on this).

What really hurts is that Obama's own parents were in a marriage that was illegal in many states when he was born.

And yet he wants to perpetuate the same kind of irrational fears that once marginalized his own family. And he knows all this.

I have one small suggestion for Obama's campaign and gay people and
their families. At some point before the election, he should give a
speech to some chapter of PFLAG: the Parents and Friends of Lesbians
and Gays. It's an integrative, family-oriented way to demonstrate his
support for gay people, even as he resists our full equality. He needs
to show that he is capable of more than lip-service. By including us in
his campaign between now and November, he would show more courage than
any Democrat in history.