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BUSH: “If this were a dictatorship…”

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By Rick Lucke

The passage of the FISA bill that provides illegal
retroactive immunity to lawbreakers begins to reveal the true depth of the
problems American citizens are facing (or should I say ignoring?).

If George W. Bush and his supporters believe that Islamic
terrorists hate us for our freedoms, and Bush and his supporters cherish our
freedoms, then why are Americans being stripped of our freedoms and protections? In essence,
Bush and this congress have surrendered to the terrorists by willingly eroding
the core principles upon which our nation has existed for over 200 years.

While terrorists present no threat to these values, that
are the soul of America,
the American government is working from within to destroy what the terrorists
cannot touch. These so-called
“representatives” are not representing the American people; they are
representing those who would destroy us. There are still a few true “representatives” in congress, but when they
stand to represent Americans, they are yelled down by the mainstream media,
their colleagues in congress, and those special interest groups that stand to
profit from these transgressions against American citizens.

America is under attack, but terrorists from another country are not the threat; it is
the cancerous cells within America’s
own government. Almost daily new evidence surfaces regarding the crimes of the Bush
administration, yet there is no accountability forthcoming. There is no oversight
leading to meaningful action by congress, no attempts to include those crimes
in the national discourse so that America can begin its long and much
needed healing.

With each action like this one by the Pelosi/Reid led
congress, the terrorists gain another victory, as do the remnants of
monarchical thinking. As Bush once said,
“If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier... (Chuckles)
(laughter) ...just so long as I'm the dictator.” (Laughter)

That statement was not funny then, and it is less funny
now. In fact, it takes on a degree of
seriousness in light of this new FISA bill. Remove citizens’ freedoms, protections of their rights, turn the
military and the police force against them, and there we are (or should I say
HERE we are?).

This is NOT a dictatorship. American citizens must regain control of government. These non-representatives, Republican and
Democrat alike, must be removed from office. If that cannot be done at the voting booth, then Americans are headed
for some severe alternatives. Hopefully,
voters will turn out in upcoming elections and begin taking back what we have already