Retroactive immunity and the progressive blogosphere


by Ari Rutenberg

Steny Hoyer has negotiated a bill on illegal wiretapping that requires the federal district court to grant
the telecoms immunity.  What is amazing is the response from the progressive blogosphere, and even from the right.

Glenn Greenwald, probably the best political blogger around, has started a campaign with Blue America (which is him, Jane Hamsher of, and the guys from crooks and liars) to raise $350,000 to fight this telecom immunity bill.  Over the past few days they have already received nearly $240,000 in donations.  Please go to Act Blue if you want to contribute. 

They have even formed a coalition called the Strange Bedfellows with some of the libertarian bloggers that can't stand this crap either.

Even the Republicans, who should be used to Democratic capitulation by now, are surprised at how easy it was. "I think the White House got a better deal than they even they had hoped
to get,” said Senator Christopher Bond, the Missouri Republican in an NYT article this morning. It is appalling that the new leadership would even consider allowing such a vote, much less selling out wholesale those who elected them.

UPDATE:  I have tried to call both Speaker Pelosi ((202) 225-4965) and Steney Hoyer ((202) 225-4131) but both mail boxes were full, I assume with calls of protest from other American's who are sick of having our constitutional rights trampled by the government with a rubber stamp from congress.

UPDATE#2:  I have called Obama's Senate office, also full.  Also called Sen. Dianne Feinstein, my senator, who has previously supported rectroactive immunity.  Her Washington and Los Angeles Offices had no facility to leave a message, and her San Francisco office had a full mail box.  Methinks she's hearing from a lot of pissed off Californians. Also I called Hoyer's Greenbelt Disctrict office at (301) 474-0119 and was finally able to leave a voice mail.