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Bipartisan is not a magic word...Pelosi and Hoyer are done

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by Ari Rutenberg

I am watching Nancy Pelosi surrender to the Bush administration as we speak.  It is time for her and Steny
Hoyer to go.  They have allowed the Republicans to run roughshod over them with threats and fearmongering when almost every legal scholar agrees that a) the new bill basically does nothing to increase the governemnts surveillance ability; and b) retroactive immunity is uncostitutional under the ex post facto clause in article 1, section 9 of the United States Constitution.

She has just said that she doesn't like the immunity provision.  But shes still gonna vote for it.  And appraently the telecoms have gotten punished with a taint.  Is that taint like stain or taint like choade?

Wow it is unbeleiveable to watch how she justifies this absolute betrayal to herself...according to John Amato at C&L earlier Jane Harman said her consituents begged her to vote against it and she was still proud to vote for it. 

Its time for the repub lites to go. This kind of crap belongs in the past.  We have too many serious issues to fail in governing for the next 8 years. But the reality is this is about governeing or intelligence or security. They are covering theyre asses because they know they have consented and failed to properly oversee illegal actions by the Bush administration and given patently bad advice to some of their largest campaign donors.  Everytime they say "its a bipartisan bill" they think that will placate those of us who are concerned about its fairness.  But first of all half way between two positions is not nececarily fair and second this is not half way.  This is a total sell out.  Screw these people.  No amount of placation or cajoling will sweep this massive mistake under the carpet.  They must pay with their jobs, and we must make it happen.