10th Monthly Observance of Iraq Moratorium This Friday


By Peter Bauer

This Friday, June 20th marks the 10th monthly observance of the Iraq Moratorium.  With the motto "It's got to stop! We've got to stop it!", the Iraq Moratorium Committee has stood strong as an outspoken opponent of the Occupation of Iraq.

The idea is simple: 

"On the third Friday of everyone month break your daily routine and take some

step to end the war.  As you do, you will be joining with thousands of others around the

country. And as more and more of our friends and family and co-workers

and classmates start to act to end a war they know is wrong, we will

put the squeeze on those who do have the power to end it but do nothing,

month after month."
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For change to happen, it must start with the individual  You cannot get others to change their ways until they see you living the change.

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little."

- Edmund Burke