Gen. Wes Clark takes the media to school over McCain's real foreign policy expertise


by Ari Rutenberg

The fact that even real liberals in the so-called liberal media, like Mike Barnicle and Mika Brezhinski, have been inside the beltway for so long that they hold on to the conventional wisdom about McCain disappoints me. 

What is even worse is that even when a man like Gen. Wes Clark, one of our most decorated military veterans, tells them that he has no real policy making or implementation experience, they question his judgment about military affairs. 

Just to give a little background, Wesley Clark graduated as the valedictorian of his class at West Point.  He also was a Rhodes scholar and earned a Master's at Oxford University's prestigious Politics, Policy, and Economics (PPE) program.  He was a decorated unit commander in Vietnam, earning a silver star and purple heart for his valiant counter-attack after being shot four times by a Viet Cong with an AK-47.  He was also awarded a bronze star, and as his superior officer Maj. Charles Toftoy said in an evaluation report Wes Clark was “the best officer I have known based on experiences and
time in grade. I recommend that he be promoted ahead of his

And unlike John McCain, when Wes Clark talks he knows at all levels what he is talking about.  So why does the myth persist?


Update: Cenk Uygar from the Young Turks thinks this is an audition for the Veep slot.  If it is thats not bad.  Clark has 3 great attributes: he is untouchable on national security; he's white, and he is a good speaker and debater.  Wouldn't be bad if he was the veep candidate.