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John F. Kennedy and Baracka Obama

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By Ben Cohen

British journalist John Pilger is re-known for his out spoken beliefs and unflinching criticism of  illegitimate power. Pilger has spent a life time answering back to imperialism and the crimes committed by West governments, and does not give a free pass to anyone. Liberal hero John F. Kennedy committed grievous crimes against Vietnam, and Pilger has written extensively about them. There are alarming similarities between Kennedy's views on Vietnam and Barack Obama's on Iraq, and Pilger warns us the the young Senator from Illinois is part and parcel of an imperialist government structure committed to increasing it's military and economic influence around the world:

In this season of 1968 nostalgia, one anniversary illuminates today. It
is the rise and fall of Robert Kennedy, who would have been elected
president of the United States had he not been assassinated in June
1968. Having travelled with Kennedy up to the moment of his shooting at
the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on 5 June, I heard The Speech many
times. He would “return government to the people” and bestow “dignity
and justice” on the oppressed. “As Bernard Shaw once said,” he would
say, “‘Most men look at things as they are and wonder why. I dream of
things that never were and ask: Why not?’” That was the signal to run
back to the bus. It was fun until a hail of bullets passed over our

Kennedy’s campaign is a model for Barack Obama. Like
Obama, he was a senator with no achievements to his name. Like Obama,
he raised the expectations of young people and minorities. Like Obama,
he promised to end an unpopular war, not because he opposed the war’s
conquest of other people’s land and resources, but because it was
“unwinnable”.