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Cutting Edge John McCain

I know the cons are patting themselves on the back when they hear that Sen. McCain is trying to say Sen. Obama is like Jimmy Carter, but what they don't understand is that it just feeds more into the image of McCain as fuddy duddy. Obama compares him to the current, sitting president, and says that in order to move forward we must abandon the failure of conservatism. McCain says, remember that president from the 1970s you learned about in history class? Barack Obama is like him.

In other words, its more modern than the William Jennings Bryan comparison, but Jimmy Carter hasn't been president for 28 years. Sen. McCain, that's way before you could do "a Google".

McCain went from a 19th century comparison to a 20th century comparison. At some point in his campaign I suppose he might join Sen. Obama and the rest of us in the 21st century.

JOHN SIDNEY MCCAIN FACTOID: Senator McCain was 40 when Jimmy Carter was first elected president. Senator Obama was 15. I was -12 months.