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NY Times Writes Up Some Masterful Satire

Usually when I want cutting edge satire I turn to The Onion, but this Sunday's New York Times takes the cake. Apparently those zany kids at the Grey Lady wrote up an "op-ed" by "Mark Penn". In the rollicking good column "Penn" claims that the reason Sen. Clinton lost was because of money and not message! That's right, the creator of the message that Sen. Clinton was inevitable and we should just do away with primaries and caucuses claims that the only failure of the campaign was fiscal, and not that the voters rejected an incumbency campaign from a non-incumbent.

I mean, if the real Mark Penn really wrote something like that it would clearly be the work product of a highly delusional and deranged mind. It must be satire, because not even a 47th level nimrod like Penn would write something that bizarre.