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The Speech

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By Peter Bauer

In the "Give-It-To-Me-Now!" culture we live in, you've probably only heard about 30 seconds of Obama's speech last night in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Here is an 8 and a half minute chunk of it that is worth watching.  In it, Obama demonstrates has command as an orator, and his graciousness towards his opponents, and the overwhelming enthusiasm of his supports.

As someone who has heard him speak, I'm drawn in by his tone and pace.  I am particularly intrigued by the echo of his voice and the way it resonates; it has the powerful echo of a truly great leader.

I am most excited for the debates when he will have a chance to go head to head with McBush in what I predict will be mirror the Nixon/Kennedy debates: suave, young candidate for change versus  smarmy sweating old timer.