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It's finally over...except Hillary still won't concede

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Thank god...this ridiculous and endless primary is finally over.  Last night, before the final tallys, Obama already passed the now solid number of 2118 delegates, and he is still receiving superdelegate endorsements.

Yet Hillary still refuses to concede, as if there is some other course of action open to her.  What is there left to fight for?  It makes no sense.  I understand that it is difficult to let go of such a long-held and  hard fought idea, but in this case, unlike so many others in this circus of the absurd we call a primary process, I prefer to believe it simply her ego getting in the way of her judgment.  Others, like Tom Hayden, have proposed that she is still maliciously attempting to find a way top derail his campaign, or at best waiting for him to falter and fail.  I find it difficult, even after all of this, to believe that she is so megalomaniacal that she really doesn't have a bone in her body the
cares for the Democratic party or the country.

It saddens me to see a once great woman fallen so far in the pursuit of vain goals.  It saddens me more that she was not always this person.  She, like McCain, was once the person she now claims to be:  A fighter for the poor, a true feminist, a reality-based person.  It is ironic that both have lost the person the were, and are running as, in order to secure the money and support they needed.  If they had run as those people, instead of sad facsimiles, then maybe she would be the nominee.

But now its over, and even her own supporters are admitting there must be an end to this senseless charade.