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Larry Johnson Goes Pfft

Another bombshell video from Larry Johnson

As even some conservatives are acknowledging, Larry Johnson has simply made up this "whitey" video he's been endlessly talking up (and who the deranged and desperate Taylor Marsh has promoted). He even apparently doctored his blog entry from a few days ago to cover his butt when it turned out he would pull a Geraldo this morning.

Well, you know what happens to liars. They keep digging. The latest from Larry Johnson:

But at the same time the Obama campaign has disseminated either a doctored or concocted transcript of the supposedly nonexistent videotape. Major Obama donors went to the campaign demanding explanations after the posting of my story on No Quarter about the contents of the videotape confirmed to me by several reliable sources, all Republicans with access to knowledge but who do not know each other.

So the campaign created a would-be transcript of the video it says doesn’t exist. In the Obama campaign produced transcript Michelle says “why’d he” instead of “whitey.” Very clever. Then the campaign sent this transcript to key Obamaton bloggers to circulate. And the campaign sent it to the donors to prevent them from having a nervous breakdown.

None of this happened. It simply never occured. I'm in a position to know this first hand, and it didn't occur. Right now the Obama folks biggest concern is getting the superdelegates to finally come out of their shells - and succeeding. They aren't concerned at all about Johnson's made up video.

Of course, this video also shows chupacabra playing poker with Bigfoot while a perpetual motion machine moves in the background controlled by the face on Mars while a video tape of the fake moon landing is put into a VCR by the gunman on the grassy knoll.

Some people are morons. Others are idiots. Larry Johnson is that rare combination of the two.