The Denial Campaign


The Clinton campaign now resembles that old guy who hangs out at the club, far past his prime and a good 20 years older than the average age of the other men in attendance. They're the guy in the Member's Only jacket, hoping one of the women has a daddy complex and an alcohol infused lack of judgement.

Team Clinton also won’t necessarily consider the campaign over if rival Barack Obama soon reaches the 2,118-delegate threshold necessary to clinch the nomination.

“No, it’s not it,” McAuliffe responded when a reporter asked if securing 2,118 delegates would mark the end of the marathon race. “We’ll see. We’re going to get through Tuesday’s votes. We’re going to see where we are, and we’re going to look at all of our options. Every option is on the table.”

As the designated driver by the delegates, I wonder if the best tactic for the Obama camp is to offer Clinton a drive home, or let them wake up in alley somewhere in their own filth.

I'm leaning towards the latter.