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100 Meters Record Broken By Jamaican

For some reason, Jamaica is really good at track and field.

The Reebok Grand Prix meet took place at Randalls Island on Saturday night, but it was a home crowd for Jamaica’s newest sprint star at 100 meters, Usain Bolt.

And the 6,490 fans were greeted with a stunning performance as Bolt set a world record in 9.72 seconds, competing in the event for only the fifth time in a professional race. His mark eclipsed the previous record of 9.74, set last September by his countryman Asafa Powell, and left Tyson Gay of the United States, the 2007 world champion, more than a yard behind in 9.85.

The Jamaican crowd got a double dose of victory as Veronica Campbell-Brown, the reigning world champion, also won her race, in 10.91 seconds, the fastest women’s 100 in the world this year.

2.8 million people live in Jamaica, yet they've had two 100m world record holders in the space of a year. Almost my entire family is from there and none of us are especially fast.

Maybe the Redskins can hire me to go down and scout out some running backs and wide receivers.