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Yes, Childers Can

Mississippi Democrat Travis Childers wins seat in a 62% Bush district.

That's 3.

Three new Dems in blood red GOP districts since the year began. In two of those races they tried to tie the Dem to scary Barack Obama and his liberal pals. And it didn't work.

Clearly this is good news for John McCain.

UPDATE: Here is a statement from Sen. Obama on this stunning rebuke of John McCain and the Republican party in the deep south.

"I want to congratulate Congressman-elect Travis Childers on winning this special election. By electing Travis in this traditionally overwhelmingly Republican district, the people of Mississippi voted to end the politics of division and distraction, and bring about real change. This is the third special election in recent months that Democrats have won in traditionally Republican areas -- an unmistakable sign that Americans want to make a clean break from the failed Bush policies of the past - and are not looking for four more years of those failed policies from John McCain. I look forward to working with Travis in the months ahead to fix our economy, and make a difference in the lives of America's hardworking families."

UPDATE 2: It's even worse than it appears for the GOP. They lost this race BY EIGHT POINTS.

Wow, well we better just monogram John McCain's initials on the White House towels and be done with it.