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They Really Don't Get It, Do They?

One of the more revealing elements in this primary fight has been the utter cluelessness of the Clinton campaign in a modern media environment. It's pretty wild considering these were the same folks who brought the Democrats out of their 1970s and 80s mindset with the exact set of skills needed to deal with the press in the 90s. What a difference a decade makes. Today you've got Lanny Davis making yet another ridiculous pro-Clinton argument in the pages of the Wall Street Journal editorial section. To the modern progressive, he may as well be making his case in The Hitler Times.

Football Coach

In the modern communications sphere we operate in, there is a constant flow of information between the blogs, the print press, and cable news. It is from that flow that the increasingly ineffective broadcast news gets a clue as to what their stories will be. Right now, oddly enough, the left is better at it. Without existing communications infrastructure we completely by accident created our own. Like the right's existing network of using talk radio to make issues rise up into the mainstream press, the left has the web to push our ideas.

The Clinton campaign - even with knowledgeable people on board - has kicked the ball down the field on this. They have been satisfied to use the existing conservative leaning network to get their message out. But it taints the message. Democrats do not respond well to op-eds from the freaking Wall Street Journal, or sales jobs during The O'Reilly Factor. Granted, the major factor at play here is that the Clinton message just isn't selling, but their choice of a storefront for that message is killing them as well.

It's not even so much that the Obama campaign is doing something innovative. Much like a football coach suddenly thrust into action with a new team, he's using the players he has to the best of their ability, rather than rely on the playbook he used at his last job. That old playbook may have won the big game at some point, but that old team is long gone.