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TheNextRight's BigProblem

Preface this criticism with the knowledge I've had cordial interaction with 2 of TheNextRight's founders, and while I wish them nothing but political fail, I welcome their addition to the blogosphere (at the very least as fodder for my eternal amusement).

That said, the site's problem is the same as Redstate, Townhall, etc. They are a product of professional Republicans. They come from the Bush, McCain, and Allen campaigns.

Back in 2000-2001 when the liberal blogosphere was being formed, it wasn't at the hands of people like Carville, Shrum and Devine. It was created from people who had never drawn a paycheck from a pol or party. When I started this site in 2000 I had never spoken to a pol or seen one in person.

Part of this was because tech leans left by nature, though it largely came because the MSM only had room for an endless army of right wing nutjobs and a smattering of weak kneed "liberals" sure to take a dive. There were no Olbermann's Maddow's or Ron Reagan Jr's.

The DNC wasn't. Interested until Dean broke records and it took Dean and Obama for them to mainstream us. I don't the right can do it with an incumbent president and some capable consultants. Only via true exile and grassroots who mostly can't tell you where the heck K street is will the con blogosphere's hubs become the action centers they desire.