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The Contrarian Black

Considering the lack of minority - especially black - voices and faces in elite political discourse, I am always amused at the amount of contrarian opinions that get pushed into the print and broadcast press. You don't get to hear much from people who hold widely held positions in the black community unless they're retreads like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but if you have some wacky idea (ie "Slavery Wasn't So Bad", "Jim Crow Was Moral", "Clarence Thomas Is A Legal Supermind And Not A Sleazy Pervert") you get upgraded to first class service. Long time readers know that I hold some opinions that are outliers within black America but I guess I'm not out of orbit by enough degrees.

Today's example is Cinque Henderson writing in The New Republic about Obama skepticism. Now, not only is this an opinion of rapidly increasing minority, he doesn't make a good case. The entire article is "I don't trust Obama" and that's about it. But I'm pretty sure the TNR editors saw black writer and contrarian opinion and hit the button to forward the e-mail to their copyeditors. The only information I could find on this Cinque Henderson is that he was a staff writer on Studio 60, which has the distinction for me of being the only Aaron Sorkin TV show that sucked.

Hey, I'm a black person who watches Aaron Sorkin shows. That's pretty fracking contrarian. Can I now be a CNN pundit?