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Primary Voters Admit: "We Didn't Realize Obama Was Black"

MORGANTOWN, WV - Prospective voters in the upcoming Democratic primary here today revealed that they had no idea before today that likely nominee Sen. Barack Obama was, in fact, black.

"All this time I assumed he just had a serious tan", said Susie Bilgebright of Huffington Gulch, "It wasn't until Senator Clinton's comments today explaining that he was a negro and therefore not someone I should vote for did I realize. What a relief, I almost voted for him based on what he stood for when all along it was clear that I should vote for Sen. Clinton, who is white like me."

Other white voters in states like Virginia, North Carolina, California and New York expressed similar anguish over their votes. "I went into the voting booth thinking about character and competence when I know now that a vote for Obama was a vote against the white race," said Ernest Schatter of Greensboro, NC.

In a hastily organized press conference with his wife at his side, Senator Obama came out of the closet and admitted "I am a black American".