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Justice Clinton? No.

It is a clear sign that primary season has gone on too long when you read articles like this speculating - and thats what it is, speculation - that Obama would offer Sen. Clinton a Supreme Court nomination.

That isn't going to happen. While I think that on balance she would probably make a good justice, there is no way she would be confirmed. It would make the Bork and Thomas hearings seem like child's play. The author of the piece is in certifiable la-la land saying that because she is a senator, Clinton would have easy confirmation. The religious far right would suicide bomb the Senate before they would see Sen. Clinton on the Supreme Court. Obama could win the general election with 70% of the vote and it wouldn't happen.

The chances of Sen Clinton being on the Supreme Court are exactly the same as Jessica Alba changing her mind, divorcing, and showing up at my front door Thursday night.

I'll let Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber take it from here: