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How New Labour sold out the Left

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By Ben Cohen

Echoing my sentiments about New Labour yesterday, George Monbiot spells out exactly why the supposedly left wing government in Britain is in fact the most right wing party in power since World War Two:

Labour's foreign policy is as unethical as Margaret Thatcher's. It
provides military aid to the government of Colombia, whose troops are
involved in a campaign of terror against the civilian population. It
granted an open licence for weapons exports to the government of
Uzbekistan, and sacked the British ambassador when he tried to draw
attention to the regime's human rights abuses. It has collaborated with
the US programme of extra-judicial kidnapping and imprisonment, left
our citizens to languish in Guantánamo Bay, and made use of Pakistani
torture chambers in seeking to extract testimony from British suspects.
Until 2005 it tied its foreign aid programme to the privatisation of
public utilities in some of the world's poorest countries. Last year it
held out against reform of the International Monetary Fund's unfair
allocation of votes.

Monbiot dismantles the notion that Labour has improved Britain,
pointing out that it's achievements completely outweigh its horrendous
behaviour in regards to not only foreign policy, but core Labour
principles of economic justice:

Above all, the Labour government has destroyed hope. It has put into
practice Thatcher's dictum that "there is no alternative" to a market
fundamentalism that subordinates human welfare to the demands of
business. Labour has created a political monoculture that kills voters'
enthusiasm, and has delayed electoral reforms that would have given
smaller parties an opportunity to be heard. All we are left with is
fear: the fear that this awful government might be replaced by
something slightly worse.