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Barack Obama's Big Mistake: He's Getting Too Many Votes

Speaking for me only

Following in the footsteps of other bloggers like Jeralyn Merritt and Armando, I must urge the superdelegates, the media and other creative class left blogs to be aware of something before it is too late. I've crunched the numbers, looked them over again and again, then again with a sprinkling of eye of newt and found the weakness in Barack Obama's candidacy:

He's getting too many votes.

In 32 out of the 47 contests more people have voted and caucused for Sen. Obama than for Sen. Clinton. Why is the media not reporting on this? They spend so much time on the slicing and dicing of the electorate highlighting ad nauseam which blocs are voting for and against a candidate when the writing is on the wall.

More people are voting for Sen. Obama and that's a huge problem in the fall. If we extrapolate this trend, it's possible that he could, in the general election, have more votes than any other presidential candidate in history! The nomination process will be a mockery of the highest order if Howard Dean and the DNC sit back and allow the person with the most votes and most supporters to walk away with the nomination. This isn't what we all signed up for.

I hope the other hopelessly biased pro-Obama blogs like the sinister Josh Marshall, the Great Orange Satan, and Huffington Post all stop taking those bags of cash from David Plouffe and understand the path they're marching down.

Do you really want to live in a country where the leading vote getter worms his way into the nomination for one of the two major parties in America?

I don't. I shudder at the thought.