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Harold Ickes Is Ridiculous

I haven't been watching this thing in full - even I am not that boring - but I've now seen Harold Ickes have his butt handed to him twice. First was up against Rep. Robert Wexler, and later against Sen. Carl Levin (who seriously has issues with the Iowa-New Hampshire monopoly - and I agree with him). Ickes is the chief representative of Clinton logic in this fight, claiming that Sen. Clinton should be awarded all these delegates even though both contests were FUBAR from the get go.

It's kind of like a track athelete demanding the gold medal after someone whacked everyone else's knee with a baseball bat right after the starter's pistol has been blown.

Nice touch by the Clinton campaign bussing in partisans to make noise in the room, but my gut feeling is that it won't really work.

Like everything else that campaign has tried for the last year.