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Oh No Teh Gay!

It looks like California voters are past the point (or at least moving in the direction) where they worry that Portia De Rossi getting married to Ellen* will somehow destroy the sanctity of that drunk wedding some couple who don't even know each other had in Vegas.


More California voters now support allowing same-sex marriage than oppose it, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

The results mark the first time in over three decades of polling that more California voters have approved of extending marriage to gay couples than have disapproved, said Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo. The survey of 1,052 registered voters was conducted over the phone.

"I would say this is a historic turning point or milestone," DiCamillo said. "We have speculated in the past there would be some time in the future when a majority would support same-sex marriage. Well, the lines have crossed."

* And seriously, Ellen getting Portia is clearly the lesbian version of the relationship in The King Of Queens.