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Photoblog- Obama Rally in Oregon

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Words By Peter Bauer

Photos by Peter Bauer and Jack Mantel

Last week I had the privilege of finally getting to see Presidential Candidate Barack Obama in my hometown Eugene, Oregon.  I have previously detailed my first attempt to see him before Spring Break when he came to town, but was turned away along with thousands of others after standing in line for hours. 

This time around, I was once again expecting to be turned away.  My roommate and I headed down to the University of Oregon campus with our cameras in an attempt to document the scene outside the speech.  To our surprise, we were actually able to get in! 

In Oregon Obama "has amassed a nearly insurmountable lead in the Democratic presidential race."  This weekend he drew 75,000 people to a waterfront speech!  Hopefully the Oregon Primary will finally put an end to this trying time for the Democratic Party.  One can only hope that Clinton will bow out with some grace and dignity.   

Detailed below are some of the people we saw at the event.  We attempted to
capture not only the spirit of the Obama campaign, but also to
highlight some of the people that make Eugene great. Click on the photos to see them in their real size!

My favorite mode of transportation:

Local news media, but none no major MSM outlets:

Reserved Parking.  Great hat!:

My fellow Eugeneans got it right...burn calories, not fuel!:

A "Neutral Observer" at the back of the crowd. I love this guy's sweat shirt:

This signs reminds supporters that Obama would still consider war with Iran as part of his foreign policy:

This guy was selling everything Obama:  Buttons, Stickers, Shirts,
and Hats.  It wasn't clear if he was working for Obama or the DNC or
for himself.  There were other people selling different merchandise

The man in the vest looks helpful and the lady sitting looks like she could use something to Hope for:

the guy you would expect to see in a tree at the UO:  Ponytail, fleece
vest, green velvet pants, maroon socks, Birkenstocks.  Here's to
reinforcing stereotypes!:

The people are getting ready.  The mix that they had playing to warm up
the crowd reminded me of the music they play between sets at concerts.
People were dancing, and you could feel a buzz in the air:

We were about 3/4 of the way back from the stage.  Obama's appearance
was announced the day of the event, and local media reported 8,000
people turned out for his speech: