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Carly Fiorina And John McCain

When I first saw that John McCain was pushing failed CEO Carly Fiorina as his frontperson on business/economic issues I figured it was a little weird. There are a lot of successful business/CEO types who are happy little soldiers for the GOP, I can't for the life of me figure what the upside of picking Fiorina is.

She was brought on board to grow HP, but instead laid off people then pushed the company into a merger with Compaq that turned into a mess and was opposed by Walter Hewlett, son of HP co-founder and tech pioneer Bill Hewlett. A little after that she was effectively fired by the board of directors.

And yet, this is the leading voice on the Republican side for business and economics. She must have some freaky pictures of someone or something, because even the McCain people can't be this stupid.

Here is a chart of HP's stock performance during Fiorina's tenure (July 19, 1999 - February, 10, 2005):

And here is HP's chart post-Fiorina (July 19, 1999 February, 10, 2005 - present):

Newsweek calls her "McCain's Economic Brain". Perhaps a lobotomy is in order.