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Arlen Specter: Extensive Spying By Cheating Patriots*

The cheating characterization is mine. I confess that I think congress has no reason to be involved in this and its pretty stupid for them to be in the middle of it. But they are and so we have this:

After meeting with a former New England Patriots employee who helped the team spy on opponents, Senator Arlen Specter on Wednesday described the team’s illicit videotaping tactics as more systematic and deliberate than what the N.F.L. has acknowledged publicly.

Mr. Specter, a Republican from Pennsylvania, said the former employee, Matt Walsh, described elaborate measures by the Patriots to conceal their filming of opponents’ signals. Mr. Walsh also explained how the Patriots’ coaching staff gleaned strategic information from members of the team’s video crew who had watched the St. Louis Rams’ walk-through practice before the 2002 Super Bowl.

He also identified more games and opponents that were filmed by the Patriots and detailed the advantages the team gained in later games.

The last time I posted on this The Poor Man got all up in my grill reminding me of the Patriots* killing the Redskins 52-7. Which is true. But all 7 of those pathetic points came without cheating.

* The Patriots are cheaters