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Drugged and Tortured

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By Peter Bauer
Contributing Editor

With a Thursday appropriations vote in the House of Representatives, Congress will once again be given a chance to debate the Iraq War.  This time around, the War on Terror will cost American tax payers $168 billion dollars.

But before we passively let more money continue to fund the war, let us pause and consider the War on Terror.  America has been “at war” since 9-11 in one way or another, and the official story is that we are the good guys, and we’re going to get the bad guys, because that’s what we do.  We’re the good guys (smile big and wink).

It feels like every time I start to learn something new about the War on Terror, I get the sinking feeling that I'm going to be embarrassed about what I'm about to read.  It’s the exact opposite of the right thing to do.  As if Waterboarding isn’t enough of a national disgrace, the Washington Post reports that:

Since 2002, more than two dozen former detainees in the War on Terror have said that they were forcibly drugged by their U.S. captors.

I grew up thinking that what we did made us the good guys.  When will we once again stand for Peace and Justice?

Dignity and Grace are two virtues this country needs to relearn.