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A humble Neo Con

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By Ben Cohen

It's nice to see an ideologue responsible for one of the worst atrocities in U.S History eating some humble pie. Leading neo conservative Lawrence Kaplan was co author of The War over Iraq: Saddam's Tyranny and America's Mission" along with arch neo con William Kristol, and has almost come to see the light about the errors of his ways. Here he is speaking honestly about the results of the Iraq invasion:

Everybody wants to be free. But obviously, in Iraq this assumption ran
into a wall. Now why is that? One camp in the US argues it's the
implementation and the American incompetence that doomed the
enterprise. Others, and mostly Iraqi liberals, say: No, you could have
done everything in the world and Iraq would still be a mess because the
Iraqis, as a result of their specific history, are not ready for
democracy. So whose fault is it -- the Americans' or the Iraqis'? I
think both. I also think that the Iraq experience has set back the
cause of idealism in American foreign policy and the willingness of
Western countries to intervene for humanitarian reasons. Take Darfur: I
think it's because of Iraq that nobody wants to intervene there. So on
the whole the effects have been huge and overwhelmingly negative. I
don't see anything good that's come from this war, I'm afraid.

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