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Banter on the Banter

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By Ben Cohen

A reader writes in response to my article 'Wright is telling the truth about Obama':

I think that had Wright shut his
big mouth after he appeared on Bill Moyers' show last Friday, the issue
could have effectively been laid to rest. He came across as
intelligent, if somewhat eccentric, and the sound bites were put in
context. At worst, he came across as being no worse than Falwell or
Robertson on the right. However, since then he has seemed to have
decided that he wants to Damn Obama's campaign. his attitude and
demeanor at the national press club Monday made him seem both insane
and an asshole. and, true as it may be, saying that Obama is distancing
himself because he has to, can only hurt Obama.

I agree with a good deal of what Wright has said in his sermons,
even if I think the way he said it was not too constructive. I support,
and have donated to Obama. I think that if this derails Obama, it could
be terrible for this country. it seems that Wright is throwing his
former congregant, the democratic party/progressive movement, and the
entire country under the bus just for 15 minutes of fame, and that is a
damn shame.