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Why The Left Must Shout Louder


By Ben Cohen

A little self promotion: I recently started blogging for the Huffington Post. Here's my first piece, Why The Left Must Shout Louder:

The recent collapse of the U.S financial industry and the tailspin
into recession seems not to have dented neoconservative confidence.
Incredibly, there are those still defending the economic system
responsible for the crisis, beating the drums for less regulation and
increased trade liberalization. In the mean time, tax payers are busy
bailing out the companies that insisted on less government intervention, acting as a financial safety net for the rich while their own living standards decline.

On a global scale, trade liberalization and market deregulation has
not only created massive financial turmoil, but has also created an
alarming food crises around the world. Prices for basic food
commodities have risen dramatically (over 35% in the past year alone), and millions of people are living on a calorific intake well below the United Nations recommended minimum.

One would hope there would be limits to neoconservative fanaticism in
the face of outright food riots in Haiti, but Robert Zoellick, the Head
of the World Bank (and close friend of the Bush family) has offered more trade liberalization
as a solution. "If ever there is a time to cut distorting agricultural
subsidies and open markets for food imports, it must be now," said
Zoellick at the Center for Global Development in Washington DC. "If not
now, when?"

Like with Iraq, neoconservative solutions to problems they have
created consists of applying the very same policies, but hoping for a
different result. The truth is, financial globalization has failed to deliver the goods, and the poor are paying a huge price for ideological stubbornness and greed.

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