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Vitamin supplements: Death or Alzheimer's


By Ben Cohen

I like to think I am reasonably well informed about science, but I am becoming more convinced that nobody, including scientists, really has a clue. I read this article in the Guardian saying:

"Vitamin supplements taken by millions of people do not increase life
expectancy and may raise the risk of a premature death , according to a
review of 67 studies with more than 230,000 subjects.The
review, by the Cochrane Collaboration which regularly pools data from
trials to evaluate drugs and treatments, found supplements vitamin A,
vitamin E and beta-carotene are detrimental to health."

Then, a couple of days later, this article popped up on Yahoo:

"Alzheimer's patients who
consume very high levels of vitamin E seem to live longer than those who
do not, new research suggests."

With scientific studies published on a daily basis, it is becoming completely impossible to determine which advice to follow. One day vitamins are good, next they are bad. Tomorrow, vegetables will be lethal, and next week they'll cure cancer. So, in regards to vitamin, the choice seems to be this: Either die, or get Alzheimer's.

Until next week, that is.