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I think it's safe to say now that the "bitter" controversy, such as it is, is a big nothingburger for Sen. Clinton. The story has played out in the wall of sound known as cable news for almost a week now, yet the polls just haven't moved.

Nationally, Sen. Obama's lead over Sen. Clinton remains in the double digits. Gallup shows it 51-40%, while ABC/Washington Post shows that Obama crushes Clinton on electability 62-31%.

Within Pennsylvania, Sen. Clinton still has a good lead - probably in the double digits - but there doesn't seem to be any evidence that the slam has done Sen. Obama any harm. In fact, there's probably more evidence that Sen. Clinton's already high negatives have gone higher as she commits to her decision to sabotage the Democratic primary.

One of the side effects of the Clinton kitchen sink strategy is that it serves as a preview of what to expect this fall from McCain, the RNC, and Republican 527s. They will go much further than Clinton has (which is hard to believe, but they will) but it's satisfying to see that after all this Sen. Obama remains in the lead, ahead of his opponent, and an almost certain lock for victory.